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Best Beach Clubs in Ibiza

Find some of the greatest clubs in this blog!
15 August 2017

If there’s one island destination which really does have it all, then that island is surely Ibiza. You want pristine sandy beaches, lapped by inviting, serene azure waves? Looking for cultural highlights alongside your world-class shopping trip? Fancy dining out at some of the most exciting Michelin-starred restaurants on the planet? Ibiza’s got it all going on, and a whole lot more. While those looking to rave the night away head to the island’s strip of superclubs, the more refined holiday-goers in Ibiza know that the beach club scene is where it’s really at. At the island’s many beautiful beach clubs, you can combine amazing food with great music, delicious drinks, a totally chilled, blissed-out atmosphere… all while lulled by the sound of waves crashing on the sands. What could be better? Here are some of our absolute favourites, all of which are waiting to be discovered by you.


Ibiza is an island of many styles and many scenes, but if one style stands out above the rest, it would probably be described as ‘luxury hippy chic’. This style - which revels in handcrafted trinkets and acres of white linen, wickerwork and barefooted dancing on the beach - can be seen at plenty of clubs across the island, but none nail it quite so well as Kumharas, a stunning beach club at Cala de Bou.

There’s simply nowhere finer to take in the majesty of a San Antonio sunset, armed with an exquisitely mixed cocktail (or two), and chilling out on one of their hundreds of sofas which line the beach. It’s perfectly laid back, superbly managed, and the combination of a strawberry daiquiri, some chilled-out lo-fi techno, and a bohemian, fun crowd is genuinely tough to beat.

Kumharas Beach Club Ibiza

Tropicana Beach Club

Want to feel a bit of bona fide Ibiza luxury, delivered in the island’s signature laid back style? Then you’ll want to be heading straight for the frankly legendary beach club that is The Tropicana. It’s not the 80’s cheese-fest the name suggests (and unfortunately, despite the links to the Wham! track of the same name, the drinks are most certainly not free), but instead it’s one of Ibiza’s more ambient beach clubs, benefiting from what many would argue to be the best service on the island.

Unlike many of the clubs on Cala Jondal, The Tropicana seeks to deliver great quality at a really rather reasonable cost. Their seafood has marked them out as a must-visit for foodies, but even after the lobster shells and clams have been cleared away, it’s a gorgeous place to while away the evening hours, enjoying some great music on the warm summer nights.

Tropicana Beachclub Ibiza

Jockey Club

If you’re looking for somewhere classy and cool to spend the afternoons and early evenings (because let’s face it, there’s going to be at least one day during your Ibiza holiday on which you won’t just be going out to all night parties!) then the Jockey Club is one which really cannot be missed.

In many ways, The Jocky Club is the quintessential Ibiza beach club; amazing seafood, a long and impressive list of seriously good Spanish wine, an equally long list of fantastic cocktails, and top quality music providing a funky ambience all day long. The calamari at the Jockey Club has gained a cult following over the years, and you could gaze out at the salt flats of Las Salinas for weeks before you would begin to tire of that unique view.

Jockey Club Ibiza

Sunset Ashram

Whether you want some early evening drinks, a great place to watch the sun set, or somewhere to go after you’ve hit the dancefloor, the Sunset Ashram is a truly special place, dear to the heart of many Ibiza devotees. Its popularity has increased considerably over the years, so if you do plan to hit this beautiful Cala Conta beach club, it might well be worth booking ahead to avoid disappointment.

Sunset Ashram sits right on the sands, and has unrivalled views of the bay over which the sun goes down each night, providing a genuinely magical experience (especially when accompanied by a great bottle of Cava and some of the club’s specially sourced Iberico ham) which has graced the instagram profiles of millions of visitors.


Nikki Beach

If hippy chic isn’t your thing, and you also want a break from the sweaty dancefloors of the super clubs, then Nikki Beach is the perfect location to revel in a bit of 5 star luxury while on holiday in Ibiza. This sleek, sexy, modern Santa Eulalia beach club ticks all the luxury boxes: impeccable valet service, fresh sushi prepared by some of the island’s most talented chefs, endless rows of day beds, plenty of opportunity for the more glamorous type of people-watching, and excellent live music. Beauty, sophistication and making the most of this perfect location are what this club is all about… and is sure does tick all of our boxes very well indeed!

Nikki Beach really is a beach club which demonstrates how capable Ibiza is when it comes to working with the more elegant crowd which flock there, and it’s highly recommended as a retreat from the noisier side of the island, too!

Benagil Beach Portugal

Final Thoughts...

To escape to Ibiza for a long weekend, a week of relaxation or a fortnight of hedonism is an experience few are able to forget - indeed, for many, it’s a rite of passage that can be nothing short of life-changing. There really is nowhere better to show off your Sanwin Beachwear purchases than on the sands of Ibiza’s world-beating beaches, or when lounging by the hotel pool the morning after the night before - so what are you waiting for? Pack your swimsuit, shades, and suncream, and head to this Mediterranean island paradise, where these beach clubs and more are waiting for your arrival.

Now you’ve had a chance to look at what we think are the best beach clubs of Ibiza, we want to hear your thoughts, too. Have we missed any must-see locations from our list? Do you have any well kept secrets for Ibiza, or anywhere else for that matter? As always, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.