Mauritius: Eight Compelling Reasons to Visit this Island
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Mauritius: Eight Compelling Reasons to Visit this Island

Mauritius is one of those places which simply has to find its way onto your bucket list
11 October 2018

No matter what your idea of a perfect holiday might be, Mauritius is one of those places which simply has to find its way onto your bucket list. It’s the kind of island we grow up dreaming about - picture-perfect in every way, from its long white sand beaches to its sparkling turquoise seas… but in actual fact, this is far from a place for just laying back, relaxing, and feeling like all is well in the world (although there’s plenty of time for that, too).

Here at Sanwin, we’re more than a little in love with Mauritius. Every trip here opens up a world of exotic possibility, and whether you fancy marooning yourself on some far flung corner of this tiny island and living out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies, or getting involved with all the amazing activities it has to offer, it’s a place that will haunt your dreams forever. What’s more, with all that gorgeous coastline, and a plethora of luxury hotels, beach bars, and restaurants to explore, it’s also the perfect place to show off your stylish beachwear, too!

We’ve put together a list of eight reasons to spend your next vacation on Mauritius. It could have been a list of 10,000 reasons… but we’ve whittled it down to a more easily digestible number. Read on to find out more, and start preparing the escapist holiday of a lifetime!

It’s a Haven for Water Sports


If you love nothing more than diving into clear blue waters, and losing yourself in a magical world of brightly coloured fish and the serenity of the deep, then Mauritius is the place for you. Within easy reach of most of the top resorts, you can find amazing diving sites with centuries-old shipwrecks, which are now teeming with life and all kinds of treasures. If diving isn’t your thing, then there’s still plenty to explore on the waves: sunset boat tours (in traditional Mauritian boats) are popular with couples, and we can’t think of a more romantic or blissful way to finish the day!

Get Up Close and Personal With Marine Life


You don’t need to go under the water to have some amazing marine life encounters in Mauritius. Tamarin Bay is home to plenty of dolphin and whale-spotting companies, who’ll take you out for the day to the spots where some of nature’s most magnificent creatures like to hang out. There will be plenty of opportunity to hop off the boat and take a swim in the magnificent ocean, too, so be sure to take your Sanwin swimwear with you!

It’s Phenomenally Colourful


From the riotous spice markets to the vibrant beach bars, and from the emerald sea to the buzzing town centres, Mauritius is a real feast for the eyes. Colour means a lot to the people of this island, and you’re never far from somewhere which really tantalises the senses. To get a deeper understanding of why this is, head to the village of Charmerel. Here, you’ll find one of nature’s most photogenic landscapes, where seven layers of sand in all the colours of the rainbow naturally occur side by side. It’s truly mind-blowing, and adds to the overall dream-like atmosphere that Mauritius constantly provides.

You Can Swim in Mystic Waters


If you want a truly unique swimming experience, you need to head over to the Grand Bassin (known locally as the Ganga Talao); a gorgeously picturesque lake right in the centre of an extinct volcano. Legend has it that this lake is filled with the magical healing waters of the River Ganges, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s also home to a towering statue of Lord Shiva, which is actually the 2nd tallest statue in the world! It’s a beautiful place to swim, relax, and get back to nature.

Discover Secret Islands


There is no shortage of beautiful, tiny, hidden islands around Mauritius, but one of the most spectacular is Iles Aux Aigrettes, a nature reserve which has been protected since the 1960s. You can take a boat out there to check out exactly what makes it so special, and even a little time spent around its golden shores is a truly magical experience. Jutting from the shimmering waves like a coral-coated jewel, this island is home to some of the rarest and most amazing species on earth, such as the Mauritius giant tortoise and the pink pigeon.

Experience Port Louis


We generally think of Mauritius as an island typified by utter serenity and isolation, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed by a trip there. However, every holiday to Mauritius needs to involve some time spent in Port Louis, the bustling, vibrant, effervescent island capital. The colonial French architecture now plays host to a wide variety of luxury hotels, and restaurants serving some of the finest, freshest, and most delicious seafood on earth. After the sun sets (and the sunsets on Mauritius are considered the best on earth), it’s time to party… and you’ll find plenty of great opportunities to strut your stuff in your swim shorts, and dance the night away with friendly locals and fellow travellers.

Live the High Life at Le Caudan Waterfront


Mauritius has always been deeply connected with the luxury industries, and has been visite over the years and decades by the super-rich and global elites seeking an island getaway. You can get a taste for the high life at Le Caudan Waterfront, a cool, luxurious, and exclusive resort where you’ll find elegant cafes, high-end stores, and even a casino for the high rollers.

Try the Incredible Food


As you might expect from an island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is home to plenty of top-notch seafood restaurants, and you’ll never be far from some freshly cooked local fish and shellfish. If you’re a fan of trendy Indian-style street foods (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then you simply have to experience the street food culture of Mauritius. Combining elements of its French colonial past with Indian and Arabian influences, the flavour combinations found in dishes like Dholl Puri are simply to die for, and well worth seeking out. With your appetite sated, there’s only one thing to do… and that’s head back to the beach, and enjoy the unparalleled bliss that Mauritius offers by the bucketload.

There you have it - eight reasons why Mauritius should find its way right to the top of your list of places to visit. Beaches, wildlife, nightlife, and food… who could possibly ask for more?